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About TaxWatch

TaxWatch is an independent, non-partisan service which focuses on issues relating to taxation policy and administration in Australia, including proposals for reform. Through this website, it provides access to information and opinion about key aspects of the Australian tax system, especially as it affects lower- and middle-income people. It also convenes and contributes to round tables, symposiums, conferences and other discussions about tax policy.


TaxWatch is based at the Social Justice Project, Law Faculty, University of New South Wales, and the Department of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University.


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The Convenor of TaxWatch is Prof Julian Disney, Director of the Social Justice Project at the University of New South Wales. The Research Coordinators are Katherine McCallum of the Social Justice Project at the University of New South Wales and Peter Mellor of the Taxation Law and Policy Research Institute at Monash University.


The Academic Advisory Panel comprises Saul Eslake (University of Melbourne), Prof Chris Evans (University of NSW), Prof John Freebairn (University of Melbourne), Prof Rick Krever (Monash University), Ian McAuley (University of Canberra), Cameron Rider (University of Melbourne), Rosanna Scutella (University of Melbourne) and Julie Smith (Australian National University). While their advice is invaluable, they are not responsible, of course, for the final content of TaxWatch publications.


The Inaugural Sponsor of TaxWatch was the Morawetz Social Justice Fund.  Other sponsors are the Benevolent Society, Brotherhood of St Laurence and UnitingCare NSW.