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This section provides papers on different aspects of tax policy, including analysis of possible problems with the current system and of possible ways in which it could be improved. It focuses especially on problems and possible reforms which are relevant to the interests of lower- and middle-income people.


Some of the papers in this section are prepared by TaxWatch itself. Others come from a variety of sources and are the sole responsibility of the designated authors.


Media representatives or other people seeking further information or comment about issues covered in the papers should contact TaxWatch or the designated authors.




  • Renovating Housing Policy, October 2013, Housing; land
  • Tax Reform Details: An Example of Comprehensive Reform, October 2013, General tax policy
  • Two Australias, October 2013, General tax policy
  • EU Commission Labels UK Patent Box Harmful Tax Competition, October 2013, Other areas  
  • In Infrastructure Funding Nothing is Certain Save Debt and Taxes, October 2013, General tax policy
  • Supporting Investment in Knowledge Capital, Growth and Innovation, October 2013, General tax policy
  • The Carbon Windfall 'Game': Impact of a Mid-year CPM Repeal, October 2013, Environment
  • How to Achieve Growth and Equity Friendly Fiscal Consolidation? October 2013, General tax policy
  • Submission to the Work and Pensions Committee's Inquiry on Support for Housing Costs in the Reformed Welfare System, September 2013, Housing; land
  • Tax Reform Goals: Raise Revenue, Enhance Fairness, End Offshore Shelters, September 2013, General tax policy
  • Company Directors Have No Duty To Avoid Tax, Formal Legal Opinion States, September 2013, Corporations
  • New Estimates of Tax Reform's Effect on Housing Prices, September 2013, Housing; land
  • Intellectual Property Box Regimes: Effective Tax Rates and Tax Policy Considerations, September 2013, Other areas
  • Abbott Destroys Carbon Symbol But Emmissions Issue Remains, September 2013, Environment
  • G20 Leader's Declaration, September 2013, International transactions
  • Back to Basics - Simplifying Australia's Family Payments System to Tackle Child Poverty, August 2013, Families
  • Prospect Theory and Tax Evasion, August 2013, General tax policy
  • ACOSS - Tax Reform: Purpose, Prinicples and Process, August 2013,  General tax policy
  • NATSEM Household Budget Report: Cost of living and standard of living indexes for Australia, August 2013, General tax policy
  • Corporate-Backed Tax Lobby Groups Proliferating, August 2013, General tax policy
  • Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2013, August 2013, General tax policy
  • Economic Statement, August 2013, General tax policy
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FOCUS: 2011 NATIONAL Tax Forum

Following its re-election in 2010, the Australian Government announced a National Tax Forum to discuss tax reforms recommended by the Henry Report.


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