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- eg, family tax benefits; baby bonus; child care concessions

- see also Assets; Estates; Personal income; Land

Back to Basics - Simplifying Australia's Family Payments System to Tackle Child Poverty
ACOSS (August 2013).  New modelling unveiled by ACOSS that details a path for making Australia's Family Tax Benefit system fairer, by better targeting payments to families that need support the most and simultaneously reducing poverty.

Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK: 2012
Jonathan Cribb, Robert Joyce and David Phillips, The Institute for Fiscal Studies.  How have household incomes evolved since the onset of the financial crisis? What is the gap between rich and poor? Who was hit hardest by the recession? How many people are there in poverty? Which groups are most likely to face poverty? These questions are fundamental to understanding the living standards available to individuals across the UK.

How marginal tax rates affect families at various levels of poverty
Elaine Maag, C. Eugene Steverle, et. al. (December 2012).  High marginal tax rates can make moving above poverty very difficult for low-income families. These high tax rates result from increasing direct taxes and decreasing transfer payments. This paper shows how sensitive marginal tax rates are to assumptions about state of residence, earning patterns, and program participation.

Tax Forum offers opportunity to restore balance and fairness to the welfare system
National Welfare Rights Network (2 October 2011).  The National Welfare Rights Network puts forward and proposes solutions to the issues regarding the welfare system it would like addressed at the National Tax Forum.

Equal Rights Alliance Statement of Reform Priorities
Marie Coleman and Ruth Medd (September 2011).  Equality Rights Alliance's statement of taxation reform priorities in preparation to the Tax Forum 4-5 October 2011.

Progressive Tax Reform: Reform of the Personal Income Tax System
Australian Council of Social Service (November 2009).  This report advocates strengthening the personal income tax system in order to achieve progressive tax reform. It covers topics such as personal income tax rates, consumption taxes, company income taxes, taxation and saving, taxation and the transfer system.

Tax Cuts Favour the Rich
The Australia Institute (1 July 2009).  Media statement that discusses how the July 2009 tax cuts are highly skewed towards the rich.

Taxation, Social Justice and Economic Development
Julian Disney, Director - Social Justice Project (3 April 2009).  Paper delievered at the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) National Conference. Includes workers, families, housing, transport, savings.