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- taxes on the ownership or transfer of property, shares and other assets (eg, "wealth" taxes; death duties;

  stamp duties; land taxes)

- see also Capital gains, Corporations; Environment; Estates; Land; Savings

National Shelter Statement of Reform Priorities
Adrian Pisarski (September 2011).  National Shelters' statement of taxation reform priorities in preparation to the Tax Forum 4-5 October 2011.

Taxation trends in the European Union
Eurostat (1 July 2011).  An overview of taxation in the European Union, by type of tax (consumption, labour income, company income and capital income), by level of government (federal, state, local), and by country.

Summary of ACOSS proposals, Henry Review recommendations
Australian Council of Social Service (5 Apr 2011).  This is a brief summary of the Henry Review’s key tax reform proposals and compares them with those advanced by ACOSS, and the Government’s response.

Assets for All
Gerard Brody and Elizabeth McNess, Brotherhood of St Laurence (December 2009).  A brief overview of current tax concessions and other government support for savings, housing and other assets.

Debt Bias and Other Distortions: Crisis-Related Issues in Tax Policy
International Monetary Fund (12 June 2009).  Tax issues relating to the global financial crisis, including tax treatment of borrowing and housing.